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usually singing and making a fool out of myself, I mean what?

musical theater is my mojo

i also do this thing where i’m an awkward llama

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an abundance of katherines - john green

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ouat - season 2

big bang theory - season 7

glee - season 5

doctor who - season 7

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Rose Tyler, defender of the Earth.

Martha Jones, you saved the world.

Donna Noble, you’re the most important woman in the whole of creation.

Amy Pond, you are magnificent.

And you are my impossible girl.

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@angelayams: Best moment of Les Miz tonight: @ChrisMzCarrell asking Marius “Did you get her nu- name?” #its1832 #lesmizbway

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  • Heathers the Musical Playbill from Wednesday April 2nd, 2014
  • Wicked Playbill from Saturday Febraury 1st, 2014 matinee (Insert: Elphaba performed by Lindsay Mendez’s understudy Christine Dwyer ALSO joining the cast Johnathan Ritter)
  • Les Misérables Playbill from Saturday March 15th, 2014 matinee (Insert: Julie Benko joins the cast)


  • MBF thebackstagebroadway
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  • No giveaway blogs. I will check.
  • I will ship anywhere.

I will choose three winners. (1st winner will pick which they want, then 2nd, then 3rd)

EDIT: Giveaway ends April 30th 11:59PM

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One Song Glory sung by Jonathan Larson

This is literally one of the most important audios in existence.

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What was your fondest memory of working with Karen?
Matt: Oh god, there’s so many. Because for me and Karen, we sort of met, and—did any of you see she tweeted a photo of us at our first camera test, did any of you see that? And I can’t tell you how nervous we were. And we look it, in the photo, we’re like, “oh my god, what’s happening, everyone’s telling us that we’re in Doctor Who, people are meant to like us and everyone loves David and Catherine and please don’t hate us…” And so going on that journey was sort of amazing. 

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New babies in my collection :* #playbills

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